We can’t have exactly the identity card of an escort girl. The truth is they changed name in each session that they do. So today, she is Laila, tomorrow Betsy, and Rose or so many names that we find too cute. But yes, they are so pretty and delicious.

Life needs more than game

This is so different to having a sex with your boyfriend in an intimate room and to face the camera. Like an actor that doing his show, we are stalking and it is not easy to control the emotion. It is a moment that we are going to terrify, and we always this thinking that we couldn’t arrived until the end. They are human, and porn is a job for them. Seriously, they are nervous because they have always this thinking that they are seen with a thousand of people. Every little gesture is controlled with the camera. Everyone was in the same position when they work beside the camera, but when it becomes a day life, every day is a new life for them. This is exactly the life of a porn star. There are so different pictures of love life that we have to exposed, and we have to be good at this action. There is also some casting select to be the hottest pornstars that gives appetite to the public.

Porn step casting

You have to know that the real life is not like this porn session. The sex life is too different and if we love this person that we share our life intimate with a person that we don’t know. We have to see if you are pretty even without your mascara. Your voice must be attractive and makes everyone nervous. You have a bosom that we’d like to careless and to suck. You have not a big belly, if not the camera didn’t see your pussy eating the big cock. You have a nice tooth because we need that you laugh because you take a pleasure in this action. The condition is just one, you accept protector cock. The practice test is already on camera. The clothes are important because we need to see you ready for the action.

There is a new life on porn universe, and it is the best experience that we can find each other to do this kind of job.